Powering Hotels of All Sizes

Powering Hotels of All Sizes

especially well-suited for high-domestic hot water demands

Intellihot's commercial tankless water heaters are especially well-suited to the high domestic hot water demands of hotels. Our units currently power hotels of all sizes - 400-500 room hotels, 200-400 room hotels and less than 200 room hotels. Below are a few representative case studies of hotels that have chosen Intellihot's commerical tankless water heaters for their domestic hot water needs.

Large or Small

How to "tankless" in Hotels

Typical water heaters today are about the same as they were 75 years ago. They use either tank type or boilers with storage tanks, with multiples installed for reliability. Fundamentally, this equipment doesn’t match the load 23 out of 24 hours a day. This webinar will empower you with critical analysis and draw profiles from the hospitality industry. Learn how modular tankless systems can be effectively applied to cut your capital cost by 50%, operation costs by 40%, and space needs by 80% while simultaneously quadrupling reliability.



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